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Teekays Foundation
Besides being committed to making a valuable difference to the Indian corporate world, Teekays is also committed to making a significant difference to the community at large, through an independent trust supported by Teekays Group. A certain percentage of earning from each project is transferred to Teekays Foundation.
The main focus of Teekays Foundation is promotion of education in rural areas. The foundation contributes to and monitors the progress of various institutions engaged in promoting education. A significant contribution also goes to the welfare of homeless children, visually impaired and other needy sectors.
Teekays Group celebrated the World Environment Day
Teekays Group observed the World Environment Day on June 5th in Malur and Anantapur by organizing a program of planting eucalyptus clones. This program was attended by the authorities, farmers, school children and a NGO.
As a prelude to WED, Teekays team along with its plantation consultant Mr. CG Singh and Greenom Agrowealth MD Mr. Seshagiri Rao had conducted a seminar at the Ecology Center of Rural Development Trust (RDT), Anantapur on June 4th 2008.
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